Trtl Pillow Review

Massage Monday trtl travel neck pillow review

So I came back from Japan. As much as I love visiting Japan I hate the long flight. My neck always hurts and after the long flight it’s so much worse. I’ve tried different neck pillows in the past – I’ve tried a blow up pillow and also I’ve tried a memory foam pillow. And […]

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Temomin Japanese Massage Chain

massage monday temomin japanese massage chain

I’m currently traveling in Japan and I finally got to try this place called Temomin. It’s a quick massage place in Japan. It’s a massage chain and I believe they have about 200 locations now even including Los Angeles which I just found out. In Japanese Te means hand and momi means knead so it’s […]

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Acupressure to Stop Hiccups

massage monday acupressure points to stop hiccups

This week I’m going to show you the acupressure points to stop hiccups. 天突 (CV 22) – The first one is right above the sternum in the middle. Slightly hook your finger and press this point in and slightly downward instead of straight in to choke yourself. This is called Conception Vessel 22 or CV […]

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Acupressure Points for Fatty Liver

massage monday acupressure for fatty liver

Per viewer’s request this week I’m going to show you some acupressure points for fatty liver. 期門 Liver 14 (LV 14) – The first one is called Liver 14. It’s located where the nipple line meets the edge of the rib. There are points on both sides but just press the right side for a […]

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