Acupressure for Crying Baby

Massage Monday acupressure for crying baby

My client had a baby not too long ago and I heard that she is having a hard time sleeping at night because her baby cries at night. This week I’ll show you some acupressure points to help calm down the baby so the baby sleeps better and the mommy doesn’t have to keep waking […]

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Easy 3-Step Décolleté Massage

massage monday easy 3-step decollete massage

Summer is upon us. This week I’ll show you an easy 3 step décolleté massage. I will use lymph drainage technique which doesn’t require pressure. You just caress very lightly over the skin so you don’t need any lubricant but if you like you are more than welcome to use your favorite lotion or oil […]

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Acupressure for Vertigo

massage monday acupressure for vertigo

This week I’ll show you acupressure points for vertigo. Press these points on a regular basis whenever and it can be every day, not just when you have vertigo. 頭竅陰 (GB 11) – The first one is on the bone behind the ear. When you follow the bone behind the ear upward, you will feel […]

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How to Massage for TMJ

massage monday how to massage tmj

Last week I showed you the acupressure points for TMJ. This week I’m going to show you how to massage for TMJ. You massage the muscles so basically you will be massaging and loosening the chewing muscles. Starting with the external muscles. First locate the chewing muscle called masseter under the cheek bone in front […]

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